Boost productivity, foster wellness: Elevate your workplace with our rejuvenating corporate massage services.

Corporate Massage

Enhance employee satisfaction and reduce stress levels by introducing professionally tailored massages in your corporate setting, creating a positive environment that promotes wellness and work-life balance.

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Allow your body, mind and soul sense a haven of tranquility


Experience holistic wellness as our skilled therapists utilize the power of massage to promote deep relaxation, reduce stress, and restore balance to your body, mind, and soul.


Unveil your radiant beauty with our indulgent massage treatments that not only relax and rejuvenate, but also promote healthy skin, improve muscle tone, and impart a youthful glow.


the natural way to restore balance, relieve stress and rejuvenate the body and mind.

The best of our services

Elevate your corporate environment with our specialized corporate massage services, designed to reduce stress, boost employee morale, and create a harmonious workplace that nurtures productivity and well-being.

Enjoy the convenience of DIRECT BILLING to several insurance company for your massage session.


Swedish Massage

Drift into a state of tranquility with our soothing Swedish massage, incorporating gentle strokes and kneading motions to promote relaxation, increase circulation, and melt away everyday stress.


Deep Tissue Massage

Experience the profound benefits of our skilled therapists’ firm pressure techniques as they work to relieve muscle knots and tightness, allowing you to achieve a state of profound relaxation and restored well-being.


Hot stone Massage

Surrender to the blissful warmth of hot stones gliding across your body, as our hot stone massage melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and promotes a deep sense of relaxation and harmony.


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You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.


Corporate Massage

Elevate workplace well-being with revitalizing on-site massages designed to relieve tension, boost productivity, and foster a harmonious atmosphere, leaving employees feeling invigorated and motivated.

Starting From $120

Individual Massage

Embark on a personal journey of relaxation and healing as experienced masseuses employ their expertise to provide individualized massages that promote physical and mental well-being, leaving you refreshed and restored.

Starting From $120

Massage Parties

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with your friends as skilled therapists bring the spa experience to your gathering, offering soothing massages that melt away stress and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Starting From $300

Special offers

Experience the epitome of pampering with our special promotions, where skilled therapists deliver expert massages tailored to your preferences, ensuring you receive top-quality rejuvenation at exceptional value.

Starting From $300
Calgary Mobile Massages is the best till date I have experienced in past few months. They know hospitality very well. Even the massage is extremely soothing. Rates are also pretty reasonable.
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